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Inclined to Decline

Heya kiddies. Anyone have any success with decline bench presses? I tested them out the other day and found that the range of motion was much greater, as in I could exaggerate the lowering motion. Any thoughts? Lata.

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MB–First, that was one of your funniest after post posts I’ve ever seen.
Second, I’m not a big fan of declines. I’ll do them occasionaly, but I think the range of motion is less. A decline bench is like having a big arch in your back (in that you lower the bar lower on your chest), that’s why people can do more weight. You’re only doing half a bench press, kinda. I think with dumbbells though, it would be better since you can go lower then when using a bar.

I wouldn’t recommend the regular use of decline bench presses in your routine, as they place a great deal of adverse stress on the shoulder and their only real advantage is to increase leverage. This is precisely why arching the lower back during flat benches is considered poor form for the most part and why it also allows you to lift more weight.

Declines stimulate more activity of the Pectoralis major than the flat variety.

I’ve come to enjoy decline bench presses, but that’s more a function of my continuing left shoulder problems than a specific feeling that they’re better or as effective. However, there is no question that decline bench presses really activate my pecs in a way that flat benches never have; my chest is my most difficult to grow body part. Try every form of bench and see which works best for you.

Thanks guys. Actually I’m most sore the day after doing 5x5 on the flat bench, so I think I’ll stick with those and switch around some other stuff. I love the stretch I get from doing wide-grip dips, great for the pecs. John, concerning that afterpost, I thank you as it gratifies me to no end knowing that I keep people entertained. That one is definitely up there on my list of personal favs as well,possibly at the very top. Lata.

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