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Incline Pushups?


ok so as most of you are, i am currently on winter break. however, this means i have no access to my high school gym. im resorting to body weight exercises for the week and was wondering this: if i were to put my feet up on a high platform so my body would be at a higher angle than parallel to the ground, would it give me the same basic work out as incline bench?


bro put your feet on the wall and walk yourself up and down the wall in pushup position. do pushups along the way at different heights. go all the way up to handstand pushups. waaaay more fun than benchin'.


I'm finding great success with 'reverse' inclined pushups. Feet on floor-body angled 45 degrees while pushing up against a supporting surface like a counter top. I keep my elbows very close to body, chest meeting counter at the sternum, and push up with slow deliberation from the hands while chin is pointed up.

In total I do 10 sets minimum, with the # of reps going to fatigue point- 2 minute breaks between sets. This is primarily a triceps blasting exercise but also a 'lats'/back enhancer. Ideal for beginners/those with no access to a gym - and the small group finding tricep developement hits a wall at some point.


Yea this is really a mother to do. You just have to get used to that feeling of all the blood rushing to your head.


yeah, now you know how she feels from the ol' stand-up 69 into wheel barrow move !