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Incline Presses for Front Delts

I’ve heard coach say before that incline presses can better stimulate the front delts just as much, if not moreso, than straight overhead work.

Unless my memory is incorrect, what angle presses was coach talking about? 60-degree? 75?

That sounds correct. The overhead press is a functional movement that incorporates all the deltoid heads. Whereas the incline press involves mostly the front delts because the arms are positioned more in front of the upper body.

Pressing angles would be 60° or above for better front delt stimulation. Perhaps you could go down to 45° but the lower you go, the less the front delts are involved and the more chest dominant the exercise becomes (depending on the space between the elbow and torso off course).

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Yes, for most people the steep incline press will work better. Because you can use more weight and the front portion of the delts are just as involved as the overhead press.

The typical angle I recommend is 60 degrees although 45 will also work. IMPORTANT: contrary to what people assume, a traditional incline bench is NOT 45 degrees, it’s 30. So even 45 degrees will actually look quite steep.

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Thank you!