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Incline Press


As for nice looking chest, I heard Flat bench is useless. Flat bench is nothing but bitch titty maker. So what do you guys think? is this for real? or not?
My second question. What's the Best angle for incline bench press? this physical trainer told me 30 degree but isn't it too low?


Not, flat benches have build some pretty big upper bodies the last 50 years or so since its been popular.

All the angles are good, there isn't a best one for size or strength.


If you think about that question for a minute I'm sure you'll come up with the common sense answer.


Incline bench is useful, but it's a fallacy to leap to the conclusion the barbell bench is useless.

An idea! You could do both! A lot of gyms have, o man, more than one type of bench, and better yet, an adjustable bench!


On your second subject, other than the possible mistake of listening to a personal trainer, 30 degrees should be just about right. There's probably no issue with doing higher degrees, I just wouldn't call those bench presses.


The correct angle for an incline bench is 42.489672 degrees (acoording to Dan John).


ok thanx guys.
Now as a beginner this is my routine.
Monday back/shoulder
Wed Chest/bicep
Fri Legs
Sunday sometimes tris and abs

Does this sound good to u?


Start with a program developed by one of the many fine authors on this site. I personally recommend Chad Waterbury. He lines out a nice progression of his programs for you to work through. No guess work, no developing your own shit, or some Personal Trainer's "idea" on getting bigger and stronger. If you read enough stuff here and get some experience to see what works the best for you then you can dabble in developing your own but for now I would leave that in CW's, CT's, DJ's, CS', ect hands.

Dont forget about nutrition; see Berardi for that.

Tons of great stuff here just click on the authors button to the left and start reading. Knowledge is power. And the best part is ALL OF THIS IS FREE!

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