Incline Press VS. Bench

Just curious what most of your guys incline press (for reps or max) is compared to that of your bench press? In a weird way Most of the time I feel stronger on Incline because my shoulders are one of my most strongest bodyparts. My mid and lower parts of my chest seem weaker now because I have done so much incline work.

I went back to benching thinking oh well Ive been hitting incline so hard that bench will be easy almost feeling like a decline press but that wasn’t the case I wasn’t that impressed with my results! I inclined 275 for 3 reps for me I consider that strong, But only benched 275 for 8 reps (which I consider GARBAGE!) WEAK. Done on different chest days!

I was curious what everbody else’s ratios are. Most people I see bench way way more than they incline!

At one point my bench was 400 and my incline was 365. Also I emphasized more on incline in my training. Now I’m not sure how much my incline is. I do flat bench first and I go lighter on incline. I’ll have to find out my max on mon.


Id say 90% of your flat bench on Incline sounds about right if you do incline.

Incline is ~90% of my flat

When I used to do flat first, I hit 385, which was cool, but due to some shoulder pains, regretably never tried for 400. I’ve been doing mostly inclines for years (and by the way, my chest looks much much better than it did when I was flat pressing a ton of weight). I can do 315 on an incline, but usually stick with 265 or 275 for sets of 7-9 (slow negeative, non lockouts).

I’ll still throw in some flat with dumbells after flyes and the incline work, but usually only go about 110’s with non lockouts and just squeezing the shit outta my pecs.