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Incline Press = Bigger Push Press?


Well, today I missed 190 lbs on the push press. As pissed as I am, I've been considering focusing on incline work and see where it takes it. Does incline pressing have a definite carryover to push pressing?


any over head pressing will help your push press, i'd suggest some z-press with chains or bands. Now i'm not sure if you are training your push press for strongman or just for strength, but if it is for strongman, i'd suggest you learn how to jerk or split jerk. When i learned how to do that it added a good 30 pounds to all of my over head pressing for strongman.


Incline press is a good accessory movement for push press.

If you are looking to increase the amount of weight lifted overhead I would learn to use more leg drive, and perhaps even try a split jerk like GP7 suggested (although there are disadvantages to the jerk technique - it does not always work well with to log or with a weight for reps event).


The Z-Press sounds like a good idea. Too bad I don't have any chains or bands and I don't have an effective method of doing them. Except, perhaps, cleaning the weight and then sitting down?


Also Aside from the other stuff said, you can include javelin press, strict military press, DB push press.

x2 on the jerk stance not always being best.

My [2 cents]


Do you have two benches? You can just roll the weight off of the benches and onto your collarbone, or do them in a power rack. Worst case you can even have someone hand you the weight since you probably will not be using much more than 110 lbs (if that) for this exercise.

I would also recommend doing some standing barbell or axle bar strict pressing - this has helped a lot of people to boost their overhead numbers.


See, that's the thing; I don't have a power rack. But, I think that I have a way of improvising. Thanks.


What type of press is allowed in strongman? I know leg drive is allowable, but can I spread my legs to catch it? Is it anything goes, just get it above your head?


Most rules vary a little from comp to comp.


In the competitions I've been to you have to have your feet in-line with each other, elbows locked out, and your head under the implement. So I guess as long as you end up in that position, you can do whatever you want. but of course i'm a noob, this is just my input


Only restriction I've ever seen is that some contests don't allow a jerk on the viking press.


Hey man, I don't compete in strongman but ran your question by two guys at my gym who do. Their answer was that the incline press can be done but you would be better off raising your numbers on the strict military press and bench or floor press while practicing on perfecting your technique in the push press. Both said the inline is not worth the training investment per say. Good luck.


Also, most comps don't allow resting the log/axle/bar on the top of the head.


Good point, but if they don't specifically say it at the rules meeting, I'll defer to my good friend Barry Perkins and "forehead it up" whenever I need to.


Great reply! Yeah, the incline press, IMHO, has some good carryover, but not as much as actually doing overhead work. I've been doing a lot of Savickas pressing to work on that. Hitting 225 on the incline is also a personal goal for me, too, so it having carryover (if not optimal) is almost killing two birds with one stone, so to speak. Thanks for the response!

P.S. The guys mentioned working on bench. I assume that that's referring to flat bench. If that's the case, could you ask them why flat > incline for push pressing?