Incline Press Angle Poll

You had better muscular development of your upper pectoralis (clavicular head) using :

  1. flat 0 degree

1 between 0 and 15 degree incline

  1. between 15 and 30 degree incline

  2. between 30 and 45 degree incline

  3. between 45 and 60 degree incline

DB, BB or both ?

Does someone here never do flat press?
Or only use DB for press ?

between 30 and 45. ANything higher will activate anterior delts more than you really want.

Switch it up between BB and DB. BB will let you move more poundage, but DB give a better stretch, and squeeze.

I’ll only do flat at the end of my session after my pecs are toasted, and the desire to really pile the plates on is gone. Besides, it’s a nice form of pre-exhaust if you preceed it with a fly type of motion.

Just my thoughts :slight_smile:



[quote]Fulmen wrote:

Me too.

I also never do flat BB bench. I do however do flat DB bench. For inclines I do DB, BB, and machine versions.

My lower portion of the pec seem to develop way faster then my upper…

I was thinking about doing flat only once a month and replace them by some low angle incline(sometin between 10 and 30 degree)with DB at every ‘chest day’

about 32.5i96* or there abouts

seriously, probably 30-35

I like both 2 and 3. Most barbell inclines are between 30-45 though.

1-4 using both BB and DB. Variation is the salt of training.

30 degrees, DB. Best results.

Then 30 Degrees, BB close grip too.


I guess around 30’. I use the lowest incline next to flat. I think most incline stations are at 30’ instead of 45.

If I’m doing dumbbell shoulder presses I’ll use the highest incline. I just can’t use the normal, straight up chair without over-arching.

P.S. Mr. Mighty Stu,
When did your arms get so jacked?
It looks like you put on a few inches in
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