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Incline JM Press vs Flat JM Press


Which one of these hits the triceps better? Doing them on a incline or flat? Do they activate different heads?

Thx in advance


May I ask what JM means?


JM is the name of the creator of the movement,J. M. Blakely.


I do them on the floor...


hmm, might give the incline ones a go


As far as which muscles are carrying the load.. on an incline, your upper arm won't extend as much, so more of the load will carried by the triceps. You also can't use as much weight on an incline bench as you can if you do them on a flat bench, so it's all relative.

For your other question, technically the incline shifts slightly more load on to the long head of the triceps since your shoulders move more into flexion, but the difference is pretty trivial.

It's not worth really worrying about; just another variation to you can work into your routine.


Thx for the replies,i did both yesterday and it seems to me that even on the slightest of incline the range of motion seems less then on flat and therefore i doesn't seem as hard but on the other hand incline puts less strain on the elbows.


I tried these for the first time last week, really good and easy on the elbows will use this in my next cycle.