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Incline Instead of Flat Bench?


Hi everyone, a quick presentation, I'm 38 years old and I'm french. I Just finishing the 5/3/1 book (1st edition) and I was wondering if I can use incline bench press instead of flat bench press ? (If you wonder why I ask this question, most gyms in France are very small places with only one or two bench press, because of the popularity of the exercice, there's always a lot of guys waiting for it ... and most of the time, the incline bench press is free !)


That is fine. Just make sure you stay with it for awhile and don't jump back and forth randomly.


That would work.


That is fine.


Oui, c'est bon.


Thanks for taking the time to answer me !
Best regards from France.


I was in France awhile ago, training the Les Legiones Noires. Beautiful.


In which part of France have you gone ?