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incline dunmbell press


Hey fellas, I have a training question I hope someone here can answer. Whenever I do incline dumbell bench press or military dumbell press my right arm begins to give out at the elbow.It doesnt feel like my shoulder is to blame but my bis and tris are pretty powerful. It's not like my muscles feel weak either just out of nowhere after a few reps I could drop the dumbell in my face (its happened too) I'm 21 5'9 170# 8-9%bf 3 yrs training experience. Any help would be appreciated.


Question: do you do anything else before you perform the incline DB presses? Also, do you have a spotter? If so, the correct way of spotting incline DB presses is by cupping the trainee's elbows as they perform the exercise. And a spotter maintains this throughout the set.


Get yourself checked out by a good active release practitioner in your area. I had an elbow problem once that was related to some blockage in my lat. Once that was cleared, the elbow pain was gone. Our bodies are more interconnected than we realzie.


Thanks for the tips. I bought all my own equipment to train at home. It is all top of the line but I don't have a trainer. I am big on stretching and perform all my exercises correctly though. My right arm/shoulder is stronger than my left so I don't see why the problem would be in my right arm. Right now I don't have the $ for any medical exams.


First off you are likely to have BF higher than 8-9% BF. Secondly you doesn't have strong enough bis or tris (though the most responsible here in the movement are the shoulders.) Thirdly, lower the weight.


I just tested my bf 2 days ago and it was 8.5% I just finished a cutting cycle and am pretty cut. I think many people who post are off on their bf% though. Relatively speaking, my pecs are a little larger than the rest of me but my tris are pretty massive for my size. My bis aren't so large though. I don't think using too much weight is the problem, if it were, my weaker left arm/shoulder would be the one to fail not the right.I'm hoping that this problem will vanish now that I'm bulking with Mag-10 and many calories/nutrients.