Incline DB Press

Hey guys. While doing the Incline Dumbbell Press for the chest, should I be pushing the weights together at full arm extension so that they touch?

Or should they start apart and end apart?



Either is a fine variation of the press. My opinion is that the arms apart version is a greater stressor of the chest.

And putting them together will add to your ROM.


Putting them together is good if you’re getting a better squeeze out of the exercise. But you don’t need to touch them together and you should never clank them together. Do what feels most natural.

ROM= Range of Motion. I don’t think it makes much of a difference, what the guy above me said do what feels natural.

I prefer to go straight up with mine, I definitely don’t clank them together!!

Tapping them together is usually fine if you must, but yeah when people bang them together I don’t like it, they just want people to look at them, almost as bad as when people drop the weights with a loud bang.

Whatever you feel is best, I use control and tap them together if anything…