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Incline DB Press Starting Position

 Is there some kind of a trick to gettin' those damned things into position?  Do I just need a spotter?

I got 'stuck' using the 50's tonight, and that was just stupid. :-/


When i do incline i usually face forward and then pop my knees back and try putting the weights up but in order to actually get a good workout you should have someone help you bring the weights up on the first rep and then begin it makes it so you can do a lot more weight.


Yeah. I figured as much. I was hoping for some kind of brilliant idea .. like some way to use basic gym equipment to create a "rack" for the weights.

I could not believe how difficult even the 60s were to get up. I would've asked for help from some random person, but I can't imagine anyone being kind enough to help me place the weights into position 10 times with 45 seconds rest inbetween sets. I need a friggin' work out partner. :slight_smile:

Grumble; maybe I'll just do flat presses with DB's. :wink: I've seen people get into pressing position with those, using heavier weights, relatively easily.


watch how ronnie coleman does it, his knees touch the whole time on the way up, yeah buddy, yo yo yo


I just sit up with the DBs on my quads, then lie down while putting the DBs in position. Never had any problems with it, I do this with flat bench as well.


Hm. After looking at videos online, I think I had my bench's incline set way high which made it a shitload more difficult.

I'll give this another shot next friday.


Cheat hammer culs get them up (30kg) for me, ant heavier I have to get spotters to pass them.


Too high = Delt workout


oh on a side noted thread hijack, when doing inclines should i try to get a similar setup to when doing flat? ie getting the arch and squeezing shoulderblades, or should i try to pin my whole back to the bench

when i do the arch my chest allmost goes liek a flat bench (but when im flat bench i can get it more decline w my arch)


I always put the weight on my lower quad and then as I lay back I "kick" up the weight onto my upper chest and get the first half rep in. From there I can do the set normally, it's just that first half rep that usually is tough without using this method.


I use my legs to pop the weight up to shoulder height, then lean back.


I do kind of a standing hammer cheat curl so they are resting on my shoulders, then sit down, pull my scapula together, then lean back and pop them up at the same time.