Incline Db Curl and Hercules Curl

what part of the bicep fo incline db curls and hercules curls work, long or short head?

i believe incline db curls hit the short head i believe

this might help:

I saw that but than Poliquin in his newest questin of strengh says the opposite

anyone else

It depends on your grip and the way your curl the dumbbell. You work the inner portion of the biceps if you hold the dumbbell with an offset grip (your thumb is touching the weight plate) and supinate the arm as much as possible.

You will hit the outer portion a bit more if you curl the dumbbell without supinating a lot and if you take a regular or reverse offset (pinky touching the weight plate) grip.

wait…what’s a hercules curl?

its like a curl from 2 high pulleys and you stand in the center and curl both sides toward you