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Incline Db Bench Starting Position


when you do incline db press do you start with lowered dumbbells and count reps from that, or do you start with dumbbells in the air (just like bench press from a rack) , lower dumbbells, and count reps from that moment?


This is an example of something that doesn't really matter in the long run. As long as you return to your starting position, whatever it is, it's a rep.


Overthinking it... just sleep eat and lift, yo.


Start counting from the first rep YOU do. If you lift it from the chest, that's the first rep, if your spotter hands you the db at the top you need to lift it to have done a rep.


ok, i dont have spotter and my starting position is from chest. so ill count from that. probably overthinking this.


Just however you do the exercise, just be consistent. Track your progress and make sure you're doing the same exercise and counting the same way to make sure that you're recovering/eating enough/blahblahblah.


why the hell would you have a spotter hand you a dumbell with your arms already extended.

why is a spotter handing you dumbells in the first place?

unless you're doing decline press.

in which case, why are you doing dumbell decline press.

bonez for president


If you alternate between starting at the top and starting at the bottom when doing db incline press do you get results twice as fast?