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Incline Converging Chest Press


My brother and I are trying out new gyms over the next week or two because he's not a student at my school, and for some terrible reason is not allowed to get a membership there starting this year. So we were at a Nubody's tonight to see what it was like, and today is the day where we do our incline chest work. The gym didn't have an incline barbell bench press station, so we went for the "Incline Converging Chest Press" station.

We tried it out without weight just to get a feel for it at first, and it felt similar to an empty barbell, so I figured we'd load it the same as we would doing incline barbell presses. Needless to say, this was not the case, and when I had three plates on each side repping out triples and doubles, I felt like a beast, which is why I'd like to rename this beautiful invention the "Ego-Press", because I've never felt tougher at the gym (except for last night when I hit a new deadlift PR :D).

I've included a picture of this wonderful creature for your viewing pleasure.

And on another note, we definitely won't be getting memberships at this gym. There was only one squat rack, being used as a curling station; no deadlift/oly lifting platform; and the water fountain is like a five minute walk from where all the weights are! Oh well.


All HS/lever machines are an ego boost. At least you realize that and aren't "totally swole and hyuuge repping 300 bra"


Haha, yeah. Definitely not any of those things. The kids next to me doing partner-assisted half reps on the bench were though. :stuck_out_tongue:

That was my first encounter with one of those kinds of machines though, and to be honest, the confidence boost from using it resulted in my being able to do incline dumbbell presses with slightly more weight, so if I do end up buying a membership to a gym that has one of these in the future, I probably will work it in occasionally.


Oh, and it's HYOOOOOJE btw :slightly_smiling: