Incline Bench Press

just some basic questions about inclines…

  1. what is the correct angle for inclines?
  2. where should the bar be comning down?
  3. are my elbows tucked the entire lift?

anything else you feel like adding would be appreciated thanx!

  1. Honestly, doesn’t matter too much. Experiment with different angles.

  2. I’m kinda confused by that question. Do you mean where it should end up? Usually the upper portion of your pecs.

  3. That depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. If you want more triceps stimulation/lift more weight, then yes, keep them tucked in (though incline close grip bench press isn’t the best for triceps). If you want more chest stimulation, flare out your elbows more.

Some examples of what I do and what many will advocate doing… Jason Wojo - YouTube
Picture 004.avi - YouTube

Everyone is different though. I always go on the lowest incline possible. Find the position where you feel your chest being worked the most and no big strain on your shoulders/wrist.

Between 0 and 30 degrees your focus on the sternal head (low pectoralis). From 30 to 45 degrees you focus on the clavicular head. Above 45 degrees and you start focusing on shoulders. Most people do the inclined press to work the clavicular head and stay around 30 degrees.

thanx for the replys…much appreciated!