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Incline Bench Low Cable Press


today -during work break- went to public gym instead of my own warehouse and saw a guy who was doing this excercise...
so did it instead of dbs incline (30°ish) press,noted that tension was constant and that partial reps were considerably tougher,it seems a good chest excercise...
anyone use(d) it?
is it a substitute of incline dbs press or just a "finisher" (lighter loads&higher reps)?
have I to perform it with incline bench or with vertical (same military press bench) angle?



I like doing my pressing on cables because the tension is constant and the pump and the end is way better than with dumb bells.

I do them as a sub for DB presses when I don't have a training partner I trust to spot me. Plus they're a hell of a lot easier on the shoulders.

They're also good for when you max out the dbs ..my gym stops at 150 dbs and the stack on cables goes to 200

Train them the same as you would db or barbell...with the bonus of a ridiculous pump thrown in

Also try the decline and flat pressing..

You'll need to set up the flat press as you would a military press and drag the bench out a bit and press straight forward

You can hit incline and decline sitting straight up by either pressing up or down..respectively


thanx beautiful * vampire *


LOL! You DO know HE'S our resident vampire, right Buzza?

Anyway, Rock... that's a great idea! My gym's DB's only go to 75 (ugh), so I'll definitely be trying the cables from now on!


I developed a serious tendinosis in my left arm (not related to iron lifting,btw) and I appreciated very the cables,don't have to put in position heavy dbs (even with "leg kick" help)...btw I felt my chest more stimulated from cables press than incline bb,could be wrong.