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Incline Bench Carryover to Flat?

Im not really a beginner, but i feel like this question is probably dumb! I was thinking of putting alot more focus on my incline bench for a while and just scrapping flat bench for the time being. What i was wondering is if improving on incline will transfer over to flat even if you arent doing it. Meaning if i were to go up 25-30lbs on incline will i get a similar bump on flat. I just dont want to be all geeked and then go back to flat only to find im still lifting the same weight or less cause i havent been doing it.

Not a dumb question at all, but you need to elaborate alot more. What’s your reasoning? Are you feeling like you’re not getting enough growth from flat press? Does flat hurt your shoulders?

As far as the carryover, I think that’s completely individual. Personally, whenever my incline goes up, I see little effect on my flat; however, as my flat climbs my incline goes through the roof. Other lifts that are more directly similar to the flat bench will almost guarantee a carryover though…such as floor press, pin press, board press, etc.