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Incline Barbell Curls?

I have found this new exercise and i will try it out,has anyone tried this before? what’s your opinon about it?
You basically set the bench on a incline and rest the bar on your thighs and then curl from a deadstop.

Do you think this exercise is good for hyperthrophy purposes?
My biceps routine looks like this right now:
Ez bar curls
Incline offset db curls
Pinwheel curls
Reverse curls(but thinking of changihng this one for the incline barbell curls)

is it wise to replace the reverse curls for this one?

The purpose of incline curls is to allow your arms to stretch behind your body. Doing them with a barbell does not allow this to happen. I have never done this workout so I cannot say how effective it is though. You are probably doing enough for biceps anyway without incline barbell or reverse curls.

I’ve done them. IMO you’re better off just doing preacher curls. Same theoretical benefits, better exercise in general.

Thx for the replies.
But if i only had this one to chose from and the reverse curls should i then do this one?

Neither. Add more intensity to your other three bicep *exercises, or switch reverse curls for another one of your three bicep *exercises if you feel like it.


Wtf, you’ve started three threads about curl variations in the past month. Just go to the gym and see what works for you.