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Incline and decline bench improving, but why not flat??


Ive been performing incline and decline bb press on seperate days for the past 4 weeks with 3 sets of 12 reps, and have been adding weight in increments of 5lbs, and i see an obvious gain in mass and strength.

When i attempted to find my new flat press max, it was the same as before i started the 4 week plan of incline and decline. Though i havent performed flat press in a little over a month, i would have expected it to go up. Why hasnt it??


3 sets of 12 isn’t exactly the best rep scheme to improve a 1 rep max. The working weight you use to do 3x12 is going to be pretty low, so there isn’t going to be much of an effect on the nervous system, or improvements in coordination with heavy weights.

Basically what I’m saying is that if your goal is to improve 1 rep maxes, you’ve got to lift heavier weights then 3x12 will allow. Something like 3x5 would be better. You should also perform the regular bench press instead of incline and decline if that’s what you’re trying to improve.