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Incidental Carbs


After reading this article http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/controlledcarb_bulking_strategy I wanted to give the targeted method a try. I just have one question regarding incidental carbs. If I am a lean 180, does this mean my carb intake should be 180 excluding fiber? So if I am getting 210g of carbs on workout days, but 30 of those is fiber, I would still be within the 180, correct?


Shelby never mentioned incidental carbs. Why are you?


Counting carbs and whatnot in sauces I find to be unneeded. As long as you are consistent with how much sauce etc you use...you just adjust your actual food. In other words.. I make incidentals a constant variable because I am consistent with how much I use. Cream in my coffee, fish oil, green vegetables, sauces...all shit I don't count because I'm pretty consistent with those things and therefore, if you choose to ignore them from the beginning, you can always ignore them. You adjust your intake based on actual foods etc..

That's how I do it.


And fiber doesn't count


Please reread "Off days: 325g protein, 125g fat (2425 calories, not including incidentals)
Training days: 325g protein, 125g fat, 200g carbs (3225 calories, not including incidentals)"


Let me rephrase then, since I hear the woosh sound.

The formula does not include incidentals, why are you?

But a better question would be, what are incidentals to you?


I am glad you asked this question as the over consumption of 30 grams of carbs can lead to fat gain while bulking. If you even eat one carb too many during a bulk it will go straight to your hips/butt/gut.

If you want a serious and simple answer do what Facko recommended and don't count any incidentals including but not limited to; sauces, vegetables, fiber supplements, etc. Just count the cup of rice/potato/what have you as your carb, the meat as your protein and oil as your fat. You don't need to be a mathematician to do this.

One exception might be a fatty cuts of red meat which would have a good serving of both fat and protein.


Majoring in the minors...one of the many hurdles beginners most overcome


Method 1: The Targeted Approach

this approach places carbs only around workouts (pre, during, and post). The rest of the day will be zero to trace carbs (from vegetables and nuts). Off days will typically be zero to trace as well. This diet keeps insulin very quiet at all times except around the workout.

Trace carbs from veggies and nuts are ok. If you are 180, you need a good amount of veggies and nuts on your off days. If you use this approach.