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Inch DB trainer

I have an inch db trainer from elitefts that I’m putting up for sale. I remember being so excited when I purchased it a year ago, but I’ve hardly used it, as I am an Olympic weightlifter, so sadly I feel I must let it go. I’m located in Stratford, Ontario, so if anyone is interested, i’ll give out relevant details.

How much etc? I’m in upstate ny, but may be in Guelph in a few weeks if that’s near you. This isn’t something I would have to have, but it would be sweet if we could strike a deal. Thanks

I’d also be interested in hearing price and what not. In Ontario myself…

asking $275. It goes for about $350 new, but the shipping and customs charges to Canada were retarded.

Asking $275. The price on elitefts is $350, and the shipping and customs charges to Canada are a bit ridiculous.