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Inception Training, Repeating Hypertrophy Cycles?

Hey Paul,

I had been lifting for 4 years, mostly strength training.I haven’t touched a dumbbell in a year or so.I now wanna get back to lifting, but am only interested in getting big and looking good

A while back I got your inception program but never got the chance tot run it.Given that my goal is hypertrophy, should I run the 2 cycles back to back or I can just run the hypertrophy one over and over?

Is maybe any of your books more suitable for my goal?As a lifter I hate straight sets, I prefer working up to a top set and maybe doing back off work.I also liked the idea of a fifth optional fluff day.I am 25 years old, no injuries

Paul and CT’s book

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Sorry for posting twice, I thought my first post was gone

Also thanks for the response @nickj_777

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