Inception: Strength Phase Necessary for Beginners?

Hi Paul, hope everything is well

I’ve been off lifting for around a year.Prior to that I was training mainly for strength.I now wanna get back with only physique in mind

I am planning to run the routine from your inception manual, but wanna ask, is the strength phase neccesary for a beginner, given that my strength will raise no matter what?Should I run it as written or there are some modifications you’d recommend

Also for the bench, since there’s also a strength cycle (given that you’ll recommend I run it as written), should I keep a flatter back, just enough arch to have shoulder retraction and keep elbows out, which really hits my chest, or go more powerlifting style (not talking about a huge arch) to keep my shoulders safer and have more room to add weight?

Your shoulders should never stay pinned back into retraction when pressing. They should be allowed to move forwards around the ribcage. Not to be confused with protraction here.

As for the routine, if you’re interested in muscular development then don’t focus on strength building (maximally). It’s two different approaches.

So is inception an appropriate routine for my goals, or you’d recommend a different approach?

Inception is for beginners. Just from reading your question it seems like you’re still a bit confused about very clear cut goals.

Am I not considered a beginner atm?I had reached a 420 squat, 280 bench, 450 deadlift, 170 btn press 200 x 12 per leg lunges ect but I haven’t lifted in 12 months and have lost a ton of muscle

Ahhhh. so you’re detrained.

Is your goal to get your strength back (maximally) or to grow muscle tissue? Not the same goals.

To grow muscle tissue.I just mention my previous lifts cause that’s what I was tracking my progress based on

Then no you don’t need to do the strength phase.

Thanks for taking the time to respond Paul