Inceasing Testosterone

I wrote a post yesterday about only being able to train 2 days a week due to work and study commitments.
As I’ll be working out less frequently I was considering increasing my tetstoerone levels which I think would be conducive to keeping body fat to a minimum and maintaining muscle mass/definition, while decreasing the frequency of my workouts.
I would like some advice as to which supplements I should use. Is the best option to try and get proper testosterone via my doctor, or will Tribex or Redkat do the same thing?
What is the difference between between Tribex and Redkat?
I understand that one of them (I think Redkat) promotes testosterone production in the testes but could someone please tell me in simple layman’s terms what the advantages/disadvantages of using one or the other would be?
Also I have two concerns about using prohormones.

  1. Possibility of hair loss - How much hair loss are we talking about here and is it permenant?
  2. Increased sex drive - I’m single at the moment so I see this as a negative effect, also I’d rather not have sex constantly on the brain while I’m studying alone in my bedroom as I’ll probably end up writing a post about how to correct major muscle imbalances in my wrists.


  1. Possibility of hair loss - some people react differently to androgens and some don’t experience hair loss, some do -and once its gone, its gone forever !

  2. Increased sex drive - as they say in the singles scene… ‘flog the dolphin’ !


You know that neither tribex or Red Kat is a prohormone, right? Kinda hard to tell by your post.

I hear more good things about tribex. Also
how long is this 2 a week going to last. A month, a year? If you choose a prohormone you could think about 4ad and never ending cycle by Cy. Would costs some $ though.

you should workout more than twice a week.

the sups you talk about are in a totally different league to test injections. Go do some reading and figure out what you want.
As for sex drive, im single and i dont have any worries, and i dont need T booster to make me horny, and dont need a GF to have sex.