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Inappropriate Halloween Costumes


lmfao hahah


I think the pregnant chick was the worst out of all of them. o.0


Some of them were bad, but some of them definitely weren’t. I don’t see anything wrong with the children’s rapper costume. I don’t really understand why it was featured in the same slide show as a child dressed as a suicide bomber or a zombie child gnawing its way out of the womb.

Zombie fetus is awesome!

I never knew Dora would grow up to be hot.

Sweet haha.

LMAO @ the shocker custume

I wanna go as the Jamaican Bobsled Team but I don’t 4 black friends.

[quote]Jason Lee wrote:
Zombie fetus is awesome! [/quote]


An older one, but still awesomely offensive.

New Orleans Heineken looter.

[quote]cakewalk wrote:
New Orleans Heineken looter. [/quote]


Is that guy white?