Inappropriate Funny Stuff

Watch it all…epic


I’ve seen this video before. I love it. I actually had tears running down my face first time i watched it.

Sucks for the host because it seems like one of those situations where the harder you try not to laugh, the harder you laugh.

LOL. That is really funny. I actually ren into people that had voices like that and was really taken aback at first, but controlled myself. I could definitely feel something building.

Wow this turned out to be a EPIC thread !!

LMFAO. The funniest shit I’ve seen. I laughed so hard man. LOL

Seen it before,it’s fucking brilliant!

hahahahhahha i havent laughed that hard in a while…that was great!!!

Too bad its all fake…

Yup, its fake. I had a hard time believing it was fake because the host did such an amazing job, but yeah, its fake. First time I saw that I laughed my ass off for hours. I was DYING.

Sounds like he got stuck in his own little giggle loop.