In UK. New to TRT, Lost One Testicle


I have been in a bad place lately, lost one of my testicles, the other one is very sore. I have got a very low T levels, and want to start treatment.

I’ve heard that testicle can shrink in TRT and sperm production will stop, which doesn’t really bother me that much, but will being on TRT will cause pains in the testicle as well? What’s the preferred method of taking T?

Who do you use in UK?

Any answers will be greatly appreciated.

The UK is the worst place for TRT do to the doctors. Their protocols are the worst, nebido is terrible. Test emanate is best, sustanon second choice. SHBG will determine dosing and injection frequently, it will be our little secret because the doctors don’t know.

Suggest going private unless you want to suffer.

Thank you for your message @systemlord. Any suggestions as to where is the best private clinic?

The Men’s Health Clinic in Dorset.

That’s great, thank you. Do you know of any clinics in the Midlands, as Dorset is quite distance away from me? If it comes to it, I’ll go with it, but be better if there is a clinic closer. Cheers again

I have a telephone appointment with The Men’s Health Clinic, what are the usual questions I should ask them? Thank you