In This Week's T-mag:

Training Day
by TC

The Weight Gain Troubleshooter
by Lonnie Lowery

Cracking the Rotator Cuff Conundrum
by Eric Cressey

My Big Fat Training Program Guide, Part II
by Chris Shugart

Ghost Dog
by The Ghost

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Jesus Christ it’s about time Cress gets that article published somewhere. Good job bro.

Yeah. Congrates Eric. :slight_smile:

Great issue. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah TC…you can’t ram someone’s nose into their brain. That’s hollywood bullshit! :wink:

Cressey is the Shoulder Guru!

Good job roomie! :slight_smile:

One of the best articles that I have read on the rotator cuff!

Well the Nose thing is cool Specaily when you have been trained to kill an enemy with your bare hands.

But now I know why I am getting fat…damn that cardio

That Big fat training guide is awesome

would be nice if it were kept there on permanent base…no way am I going to sort all this info before next issue.

I’ll try tho

ArcaneCocaine is correct, you cannot drive someone’s nose into their brain.

This particular misconception is rooted in Okinawan karate. Known as a “hard” style, it is said that some practitioners had developed their punching power to such a degree that they could literally crush an opponent’s face with hand strikes (sometimes one would do), and the resulting blood loss and severe concussion would often result in death.

At least that’s what my old sensei told me. :slight_smile:

Marks this day down on his calander!!! I’m correct. :wink:

I loved TCs Training Day!

Great read.


Actually, you can crush an opponents face with one punch. As far as driving the nose bones of another person into their brain, well, that’s practically impossible, but not completely.

You can train your hands to be like cement, much like I “roll” my shins with a kitchen roller to make them rock hard. There are people that will actually hit on a piece of metal for about an hour a day to make their knuckles hard as hell. It condenses the bone and deadens the nerve so you can hit hard as hell.

As far as driving someone’s nose bones into their brain goes, I’m sure it can happen. Think horrendous car accident and steering wheel. I highly doubt that a person can do it though.

“Not Jared”

U can also hit a person in the chest and make there heart skip a beet or even stop. The trought punch is probly the best, but hitting in the nose will water the eyes which will give a good advatage, or in a bar fight just take the knee out with a straight kick to the knee cap and the’ll buckel or of coures apool stick or beer bottle to the head works just as well