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One on One
by TC

Dominant. Aggressive. Relentless.
by Chris Shugart

The Juicer’s SAT
by Cy Willson

Ghost Dog

The Real World, Part II
by John M. Berardi, David Barr, and Cassandra Forsythe

News and Reader Mail

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Does this mean Mag-10 is no longer available? Damn! I’m glad I got mine when I did!

No, Chris, it sounds like they’ve improved it. Something to do with partnering with a pharmaceutical company.

TEK is right. It’s available for now, but things aren’t looking great in Washington for pro-steroids.

But that hasn’t stopped Tim Patterson and Bill Roberts from improving upon MAG-10. So if it is banned, it’s going to go out with a bang. Wish I could say more, but I can’t right now. Very exciting news coming soon though!

Shugs, you’re such a damn tease. Throw me a frickin’ bone and I’ll show you how to make sweet wango shots to the beav!

T.C. your pup is so cute! Ha you gotta put up a pic of the Green “girlfriend”!

“It also gave us the idea of running our own hunts here in Colorado. The first one, “Hunting Berardi,” will involve scores of women chasing T-mag contributor John M. Berardi through the woods and pelting him”

Maybe T.C. if we feel the need to organize the International Chapter of the Surviving JB support Group, it’s already 2 members strong in 2 different countries!
I know a few that would be happy at the chace to pelt him!

T.C. I said cute?!

I ment HUGE and full of Atomic Dog Testosterone!

Ha ha opps!