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In the Navy, 28 Y/O, Finally Decided to Use Gear


Hello everyone!!

I’m a new user here at T Nation and the reason I signed up is because I have decided to embark on the journey of using gear. In a nutshell, I started weight lifting after a serious heart break when I was 22 years old. Ever since then I’ve enjoyed the perks of getting stronger and bigger over time- naturally. I was a wimpy 160lbs 6’3 skinny kid when I started and I hit my top physical peak right before Boot Camp weighing in at a solid 205lb at 6’3. I fucking loved it but it all changed now. When I graduated boot camp I came out weighing in at 188lb :frowning: during those two months I took a major hit!

After Boot camp I went to A School… there i was finally able to lift weights but the serious amount of running, cardio, and studying for tests interfered with my goal of getting back to a solid 200lb. But I’ve finally reached my ultimate duty command here Virginia Beach, VA! But right now I weigh 191lbs and not matter what I fuc*ing do… I can’t get stronger or bigger anymore. I’ve tried all kinds of workout plans and I have my supplement self fully stocked. I FEEL LIKE I HAVE EXHAUSTED my natural ability to get bigger and stronger.

I’m about to turn 28 years old on Feb. 26 and I believe its time… For the past 6 years I’ve been training exceptionally well in the Gym, my eating habits are really clean, and I just want to show my X girlfriend’s what they missed out on and my future wifey to feel lucky and blessed lol But seriously I’m a little scared and here’s why.

I never thought I would decide to use steroids because of the bad reputation it has. But 4 days ago I spoke to a buddy of mine who works for a Special warfare command and we started joking around about the guys on base all using steroids because well… almost all of them looked super jacked and very athletic. But then he said "No seriously Mark. Most of them juice and it’s okay.

The military doesn’t test you for roids unless you give them a reason to." That’s when the light bulb went ON… I went home that night and started doing mad research! I googled “Steroids for beginners”, “New to gear”, “Test Enathate Vs Test Propionate”, “How to shoot test safely”, “Post Cycle Therapy”, “does the Navy test for roids?”, the pros and cons, the Lingo, etc etc!!

My mind is filled with so much information and I need to make sense of what i need to do. I’m gonna keep researching and asking my buddy questions and for advice. But at the end of the day… It’ all up to ME. I hope and pray to God this new journey I’m about to take is a good experience. I know I might hit a few bumps but I’m preparing my self the best I can. I’m here now on T-nation to share my experience…

Well It’s getting late here in VA. I’ll keep posting more daily and talk about what new information I have obtained and what my first cycle is gonna look like! Thank you for reading!


12 weeks test e or c 500mg
.5mg arimidex eod
Nolva 20,20,10,10
Hcg 250iu 2x a week 3 weeks.
Blood work before and after.


*Tell my why i brainstormed up a similar first cycle regimen like the one you provided. When I’m off work I’ll show it you :ok_hand:t4: Thank you!


If your primary goal is to bulk you will easily hit your goal maybe more, i recommend a beginner cycle with just test since you are a taller guy and weigh more you can get away with higher dosage… however keep it 500mg per week 12 weeks, if you want to extend for 14 weeks then up the dosage from 500 to 600mg for last 2 weeks.

Test-E 1-12 weeks at 500mg per week, which is two shots 250mg mon / thurs (in the morning).
Aromasin 12 mg EOD depending on how body reacts to estrogen
Nolva for pct = 50/50/25/25 you can even get away with 40/40/20/20

If you keep lifting the same and hit all macros you will easily jump to 220 lb…after pct be around 210? 215? it all depends on diet truthfully and gym discipline, remember these are foreign oils you will be injecting, you don’t want to fuck around and get lazy.

Additional comments: test e and c are virtually the same… if you have any other questions leave them here and I will respond.


Day 6,

Hey everyone! Today was a super long work day so I’m only going to dedicate about 1 hour of research and the time to tell you all what information I found and how my first cycle is gonna look like.
So I found a good website that has pretty good information about steroids and it’s use. It’s called “steroids.org”. So I pretty much skimmed thru the website and found this good first cycle chart:

Week*Testosterone-Enanthate ^Dianabol #Arimidex !Nolvadex
1 *500mg per week ^25mg per day #0.5mg every other day
2 500mg per week ^25mg per day #0.5mg every other day
3 500mg per week ^25mg per day #0.5mg every other day
4 500mg per week ^25mg per day #0.5mg every other day
5 500mg per week ^25mg per day #0.5mg every other day
6 500mg per week ^25mg per day #0.5mg every other day
7 500mg per week ^ 0.5mg every other day
8 500mg per week ^0.5mg every other day
9 500mg per week ^0.5mg every other day
10 500mg per week ^0.5mg every other day
11 500mg per week ^0.5mg every other day
12 500mg per week ^0.5mg every other day
15 !40mg per day
16 !40mg per day
17 !20mg per day
18 !20mg per day

I feel pretty confident with this beginner cycle regimen. But now I have to research what possible side effects can come up and order what I need to counter it with out getting sick. I also wonder what are the differences about ARIMIDEX and AROMASIN? And the biggest question i have… where in the Fu*ck am i going to buy what I need?? To be continued…


Hey I really appreciate your support and guidance!! I definitely took your advice into account :slight_smile: I’m leaning towards the Test e just for the fact that it releases slower and I’m no rush. I deploy January 2018 so i have time. Unless I’m wrong ?


I would still leave the orals out until your next cycle. That’s just me though. Good luck on your deployment.


I don’t plan on using orals at all! I don’t wanna ruin my liver. I’d rather spend the few extra bucks and inject it. That’s another topic to research! What kind of needles should i buy and how to properly inject my self. Any tips?


There is a sticky on self inject, but needle is all preference, most like 25g 1.0 to 1.5in needles, and the syringes can be whatever you want. I like insulin syringes for measurement


At your question about arimedex vs aromasin, i will make it simple because it can become very complex…

Asin is better on cholesterol and it doesn’t rebound because it’s a suicide inhibiter, where as adex out competes e2, which is why it has potential for rebound.

Rebounds happen no matter what you take however aromasin just seems easier to manage with.


Sup. Since you are in the Navy, I would caution you to keep your dosages a bit on the lower side. Put on some solid mass in a fairly short amount of time and people will start to talk - years ago when I pulled my head out of my ass and actually started eating for muscle to go with how I was lifting, I put on 20 pounds in 4 months. Mostly muscle, pretty solid, and all natural. I was asked on the down low by a few friends if I was juicing (I started at 6’ 170 and went up to 190ish).

All it takes is that one fat ass nosy Chief to hear rumors and push the issue, and you could be looking at a test. Your buddy at an NSW command is right, they need a reason and NSW for the most part doesn’t give a shit. Fleet guys on the other hand, will push it just so they can puff their fat chest up a little and talk about how they got rid of that drug-using cheater.

Another thing to think about is where you live. If you are on a ship or in barracks, they can pull a ‘health and comfort’ inspection whenever they please (more common on ship, but they can still do it in the Q). Think about where you can store/hide your stuff - not just the vials themselves, but pins, syringes, alcohol swabs, etc. - and how you are going to dispose of them. An empty water bottle makes a handy sharps container, but again, make sure it is hidden well. A backpack in your car is one idea, but vials of gear don’t like heat.

As for a source, this board doesn’t allow sharing. Sorry. Google is your friend, just do your due diligence before you throw away a bunch of money, and if it is a shipment deal, make sure you have somewhere other than the ship or barracks to receive the package.


Thank you for keeping it simple! I totally agree with you. I did some side research on both Arimedex vs Aromasin… Asin is easier to manage.


Sup Boatman!

Right now I’m keeping my mouth shut and the only person that knows is my buddy who gave me the idea of juicing. I’ve been thinking a lot about where am I going to hide all my gear equipment. So far I know that we don’t get a “health and comfort” inspection in the barracks I stay in so that’s good. I’ll just hide it really good in my locker. I know on a ship that’s a whole different story!! So i gotta come up with a clever way to hide all my stuff but I don’t deploy until January 2018 so I have time. I also went out today to an outside post office and opened up a PO BOX account. That way I can avoid having it delivered to my command and take the risk of getting caught. Right now I’m struggling so bad to find a reliable source :frowning: I was given one website that’s in located in the UK. Too bad I can’t share it so I can get some feedback. I have done plenty of research and I’m ready to order… but I’m scared to receive some fake stuff and ruin my health. But hey I have to admit! 20 lbs in 4 months is not bad at all!! No wonder people were asking you if you juiced lol


Hello everyone!!

So the struggle is real or I’m overthinking it… I want to start so bad already. I have dedicated a lot of time researching and I feel mentally, spiritually, and physically ready to take this journey and go far. The only problem I have right now is that I have one online source that was given to me. So here is what they are selling and a little bit about them while keeping them anonymous.

So this website ships world wide and they are located in the UK. They accept various forms of payments which includes PayPal. I feel pretty secure using PayPal when it comes to online purchases and it gives me a piece of mind.Orders are dispatched one day after payment is made and all customers will receive a tracking number to track their orders. They have been around since August 2016. They also have a gmail in order to contact them if I have any questions. Also, I have to send them an email with my order when I am ready to purchase. They have a lot of products and here is what they have of what I need:

-Testo-Enan-1 250mg/1ml for $43.
-Dbol/ 100 tablets 10mg $42.
-Winstrol/ Stanozolol $39. Company:
-Nolvadex Tamoxifen (PCT) / 100 Tablets 20mg $39.

The last few nights I took the time to research heavily on the topic of buying gear online. I came across a good website called “buy steroids guide”. It basically helps newbies avoid scammers and it lists some sources but I honestly don’t really trust the sources since they are promoting plus i have my own already. But according to that website it said that if the site should be official supplier of at least 40-50% of products they are selling. They meet that checkpoint! Oh and i sent them an email just to see how fast they replied and in less than 15 minutes they I received a response so that’s another good check point :slight_smile: I’m about to research them but I want to hear from you.

Can someone help understand the difference between Winstrol Vs Dbol?? I’m gonna research it myself later tonight but I want to also hear from you. Thank you all again for reading and helping me out. God bless!


Find one of the guys your buddy knows that juices and tell him you need some test man.


Dbol and winstrol are totally different drugs, if you want some mass and strength take dbol, youll hold more water on this though and therefore be more prone to estrogen related side affects. dont take d-bol, in my opinion. winstrol wil dry your muscles out and help you cut fat. dont take winstrol. take the test protocol these guys gave you, and take the aromasin. oh dont buy drugs online either,




I’ve bought several times online, and never gotten burned. If you have access to a local supplier, then I would do that instead. You’ll pay a little more from what I’ve heard, but it will be in your hand when you hand over the cash - rather than waiting a few weeks hoping you didn’t get scammed.

I’ve never used dbol, but from talking to guys who have, taking your AI (aromasin, arimidex, whatever) will negate a lot of the issues with dbol. Also depends on how sensitive to it you are. I personally like turanibol, it’s similar to dbol but without the bloat - again, I’ve never used dbol so I can’t compare, but tbol is my go-to oral - hundreds of East German Olympians can’t be wrong. Put on some mass and accompanying strength with it, but nothing too crazy. For your first cycle though - especially given your circumstances - I would stay with the test only cycle and save the orals and whatnot for later. Cycles are like Lay’s chips - you can’t do only one.


Hello once again everyone!!

So yesterday I finally did it. I made the purchase online using Bitcoins (it was complicated asf) and holy cra* it was sort of expensive!! Should take about 1-3 weeks for my gear to arrive. I’ll keep you all updated and post a pre-cycle stats and lifts when I start. Thank you!