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In the Middle of Football, What to Use?

Hey. I am in the middle of football season. But i would still like to keep up on my lifting. But its not quite the same with out my pre workout sups. So i was wondering if anybody knew what kind of supplements i could use in season. . . . . . Something that gave me energy would be perfect. Thanks.

Off subject, but where in Wyoming? Kemmerer?

Depends on whether your looking for “energy” from stims or carbs.

For a stim, I prefer Spike Shotgun. For carbs, Surge.

What type of in-season training are you doing? You only need two days of training in addition to practices to keep your muscle and strength. Be sure to read the section about in-season training here:


Also, caffeine is a very effective stimulate provided that you don’t use it all the time or already drink a lot of soda or coffee.

Spike works very well, but I wouldn’t want to use it too often.

Since I don’t use caffeine often, when I do need it, it works great. I’ve used some Excedrin prior to training (2-3 work great) and I’ve used Spike. However, Spike keeps me wired for a long time. I can’t take it any later than 10am, as I can’t sleep at night when I use it.

That website is amazing great link! thanx for posting that im in football right now and i was looking for this type of program.

Your food and nutrition is where your energy should come. Supps help, and you must understand that during the season is NOT the time for strength gains. Maintenance is what you are after. With practice and games, I don’t think you should lift more than twice a week and I would keep the volume low. Especially for your legs. Your focus should be on recovery.

Wow. . .Thanks for all the advise, sorry it took a little while for me to respond, my computer crashed. . . anyway thank you that link above really helped Nate Dog

and aggro, its a little shit hole town in the southwest corner of wyoming. . . kind of by Evanston if you know what that is.