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In The Market For An Adjustable Bench

Hey guys, curious, does anyone have any experience with varieties of adjustable benches for a home gym? I’ve been looking around, I’ve seen an… Ironmaster Adjustable I think it was called? It looks solid, with a fairly small foot print, for around $300. I’m not necessarily against a bigger foot print, I’m a bigger dude, and a wide pad would probably do me good. I want to get rid of my flat bench, and make this my go to, and I want it fairly solid. I guess my budget would be no more than $400, advice?

Iron Master make good shit, expensive but good lol going by their best in class adjustable DBs. Without a doubt cheaper gear will also serve you well

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I’m fucking hell on an adjustable bench, I’ve been through 3, just through use and no climate control in the garage. I’ve seen some other inclined I would prefer, because honestly, the ironmaster looks a bit gimmicky, but christ they get expensive. All the others tend to run +600

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I dunno why benches are so expensive. They run as much as a quality barbell. What’d u do to your last ones?

My first one was used, so it lasted about 2 months. Rotted.

2nd one, new, held up until I dropped a 50 on it trying to rig up a dumbbell leg Curl thing by myself, cracked the seat in half.

3rd one came with my rack, terrible bench, the seat ended up splitting just from normal use, about 4 months in.

I have a Titan flat bench that’s held up for about 2 years now. It also survived a flood. Its seeing the end of its lifespan, stripping bolts, etc. hence the need for a newer bench.

But idk man, I could probably literally get my friend to custom forge and wrap a flat bench for me for the same price as these adjustables. Its crazy.

The really crappy part about adjustable benches is the pivots, carriages, and bracing required to make it adjustable.

Sounds simple/silly, but straight static frames are a piece of cake to make rock solid, but once parts start moving its a whole different ball game.

I had a Body Solid adjustable with rack and whatnot that I got like 18 years ago but their current equivalent is like almost $800. Nice set up, but yeesh :astonished:.

That was way pre-kid.

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