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In The Market for a Radar Detector


I haven't been pulled over yet since I moved to Atlanta, but I see 'them' clocking speed often on the way to work. I'm not a crazy ass 100mph driver, but sometimes you flow with traffic and can easily go over the speed limit by 15+mph. Traffic on the 400 can easily flow 25+mph over the limit of 55 (or 65, depending on area).

What's a good one that runs under $300 or so? I checked on E-bay and the price ranges are pretty extreme, so I don't know what I'm getting myself into.

Much appreciated


sorry I can't help I live in VA where radar detectors are illegal (along with just about everything else that's cool/fun).

but yeah, good luck with that.


doesn't the police have radar detector detectors?


Well, then the OP clearly needs to get a readar detector detector detector.


but then the police already have the new radar detector det...oh never mind


Don't speed. Its not that fucking hard.


this is America, we like to drive fast and shoot guns.
sometimes simultaneously :wink:


Not sure about Atlanta specifically, but generally, the guns they use in the city are laser. When the laser detectors go off, you're already caught. Radar detectors are only really worth it if you do a lot of highway driving.


You'd be surprised. It's safe to say that driving the speed limit in some cases is a liability, and is (imo) more dangerous than speeding. But thanks for that fantastic, well thought out post you provided.


Everywhere worth going in the Atlanta or Metro-Atlanta area requires at least 2 highways of some sort. Look at a map of Atlanta and you'll get the idea.


The best out there is made by Valentine, hands down.

But it's usually around $4-500. There is also a similarly prices Escort one.

2 xmas' ago I got this one from my girl.

It's saved me about 50 times since then. Yes I have gotten 1 speeding ticket since getting it. So that's a 1/51 ratio.....no too bad.

And to be fair, the 1 that I got I was doing 90 in a 45 and got enough warning to slow down to 55.


Please explain your above post.

Are you actually impying that driving at the speed limit say for sake of argument is 100Kph is MORE dangerous than driving at 120+
??Don't get sarcastic when someone gives you a good piece of advice, even when it's not what you wanted to hear.
You're above post is plain retarded, pure and simple.


You could probably build one for cheaper.


Short of having an electrical engineering degree and access to a manufacturing plan at hand; how would you suggest he build one?



it is safer to keep pace with traffic.
other drivers won't have to try and pass you and potentially merge into another vehicle, or yours, if their depth percetion is wrong. on I-95 or I-64 where the posted limit is 65mph people routinely drive around 75-80mph in the slow lane.


After looking at the frequency bands the cops are using, nevermind. You'd need some rather expensive software to design the receiver.


It's safer to drive at the same speed as other motorists on the same road.
But the point made was that in general keeping to the speed limit in general is more dangerous than going over it.




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