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In the Kitchen...I'm Lost


whats up

I'm just posting to see if anyone has any recipes for some good food, that tastes good and doesnt fuck up the lifestyle ya know?

I'm really looking for a bad ass pizza recipe but anything will do

also all the subsitutions i can make for the lame manboob creating ingridients like butter,sugar,and all that

thanks alot


Money well spent.......



check out this thread

has lots of photos or as I call it, food porn.

step by step instructions for some great food




I jut made those stuffed peppers, man they are FIERCE

everything in that thead looks amazing
thanks alot!


thanks, i think i might drop some loot and buy that



That reminds me-- I need to post another dish!!


I am forever pimping your thread.

now get to cooking, I need my food porn