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In the Army now

I’m in our glorious United states army and I have a problem I really love training it’s the highlight of my day but!!! I might be going over seas soon and I doubt there will be much time or things to train with. What should I do? HELP!!!

Do you have time for bodyweight stuff? Read “Death by Bodyweight” by Ian King and “Warrior Training”, both at T-mag. Coach Davies has some interesting stuff too. Good luck!

I’d second the “Death By Bodyweight” suggestion given by TEK. And if you do get shipped out, give em hell.

Don’t get too worried…my best friend here in the barracks is former army and he did a tour in bosnia at some small camp on the top of some mountain in the middle of nowhere and the army hooked them up with a tent with a gym inside of it…not gold’s or anything but a gym. I’d still read the ian king articel death by bodyweight just incase you end up someplace really, really shitty…he’s got a whole bunch of neat bodywegiht excersises and something’s a whole lot better than nothing.


Read Mike Mahler’s article on combat training. You can also go to mattfurey.com for more info on bodyweight exercises. I’ve been doing only bodyweight exercises for about 2 months now and feel stronger and quicker than ever (not to mention I noticed a reduction in bodyfat). I especially recommend handstand pushups.

My Doctor just turned me on to these Flex Bands to help with a bad back and bad ankle’s. They can give you quite a work out and are portable enough to take with you and use anywhere. Check them out here: http://www.jumpstretch.com/

Didn’t you see the new Bowflex commercials? The Army uses them in Afghanistan, maybe you’ll get lucky! =p

Work on some bodyweight drills such as One Legged Squats, Handstand Pushups, Janda sit-ups, headstand leg raises. Also, try to get access to some sandbags to add resistance to squats and pushups and for dino training.

Airborne. Most base have fair gyms. I often joined off base gyms for two reasons: 1) equipment and 2) privacy. If you are station some where with a poor gym, locate some engineers and have them help you make up some euipment. You can also check out unit unit’s TO&E, most companies are allowed a weight equipment. Point this out to the company XO and see if you can talk him or her into ordering you a set. But over all I would not worry, airborne units are filled with fitness nuts. Now drop and give me ten and one for that big Airborne Ranger in the sky. Best of Luck.

Were ever the army goes there is a gym. I have over 6 years in the MP corp. As a reservist I was sent to Kosovo and was afraid that they would not have a gym so I stoped lifting a mounth out to deployment so I would not have to go through the mental hard ship as well as the stress of the deployment. When I got there I was wrong they had lots of equipment… All in Kilos… You learn how to use a calculator quick. If you are reall worried buy one set of power block dumb bells. I think they even have a set that will adjust up to 130. Also get a good multiple postion bench and have it shipped over on your units connex gear. Talk to your supply sargent to get you some room on the connex.


I’ve never seen a bowflex on base so that commercial is shit. Thanks for the tips on bodyweight training. STAY ALERT…STAY ALIVE…SO WE CAN DO BAD THINGS…TO BAD PEOPLE
2nd LT. Russell

Hey LT! Do you know what the most dangerous thing in the US Army is?
Best of Luck.

Or Do you know what the most useless thing on a woman is?

An Officer

Not to worry, weight lifting equipment is abundant on all US Army camps (Camp Eagle, Camp Dobol, Camp McGovern, Camp Doha, etc). When I went to Bosnia, I was part of a Psyop liason team, so I stayed at anywhere from 3-5 different posts (American, Russian, Turkish, and Nordic <Danish/Swedish/Norwegian?>), and the only gyms that had actual lifting platforms AND power racks were the Russian and Turkish posts, which were, for all other purposes, the poorest. Additionally, when in an Army post, there is always ‘stuff’ to work out with. Team v. team humvee pushes beat a five mile run any day of the week.

I have never been in the army but I guess that sandbags is included in most armies equipment ? Some sandbags and a pipe and you got yourself a loaded barbell,buckets loaded with sand for dumbbells, a loaded bergen for extra weight while doing chins etc etc…
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