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In the absence of a dipping belt...

My atrocious school gym doesn’t have a dipping belt and I find holding weights with my feet near impossible. I’ve been throwing on an old backpack and adding weights to it for pull ups/dips as the only way to add weight. Obviously, this changes the placement of the weights in relation to my body, but is this a bad idea/does anybody have a better suggestion. I’m looking forward to hearing some good alternatives. Thanks, Ryan.

My school is the same way. This is gonna sound stupid, but what I do is take two regular lifting belts. With the first belt, I put it around my waist, fairly loose, but tight enough so that it won’t slip off. Then I take the second belt and slide the weight plates that I’m gonna use on to it and then I hook that weight belt with the weight on it to the belt that is around my waist, and the weight will hang down like a regular chin/dip belt. Again, this sounds stupid and sounds like a lot of work and I’m not saying it will work for everybody, but it works for me fairly well.

you can always buy one. They should not be much.

go to the hardware store and buy a few feet of chain. hook it to your regular weight belt and bam instant dip belt.

Because of the same problem, I did the following:

Bought a $10 belt (actually had it for a couple of years but haven’t used it lately).
Bought a $3 chain from Home Depot (about 3 feet).
Bought 2 endlinks (about $1 total) and connected them to the belt and the chain.
Voila, my own dip belt AND i can fasten it, which I could never do with a regular dip belt.

Awesome guys, I’m going to go hit Home Depot tomorrow. Thanks.

I just use a peice of 10 mm rope - about a 5 foot loop tied really tight. I step into it so the know hangs to the front and just hang a D/B in it. Never had a problem and have used up to 50 pounds with this method. Cost??? $2 - a bargin!

Put the DB between your knees, not your feet/ankles. I can quite comfortably hold 100+lb DB’s this way.

Don’t know how much weight you want to dip with but I use a 25Ib. medicine ball. Hold it between the insteps of your shoes. Easy to do with a little practice.