In Terms of Bloodwork, What Builds Muscle?

Total T can be high but if Free T is low? Not much muscle gain as High Total T and EDIT. HIGH FREE twith normal SHGB?

T doesnt say much as there are diminishing returns when it gets higher. Sometimes having twice the T might mean only like +5% of potential gains.
With low IGF no amount if T will do shit. With high IGF you dont even need much T.


Can you elaborate on this? I’m in the same boat as you with my IGF-1 being in the low range. I’ve had moderate success over the years with blasting T. The diminished returns after having done so for a few years basically coaxed me into giving up on blasting and sticking with TRT. No point in continuing to do harm for rented gains anymore. I think my body is maxed at what I can do on low levels of T / blasts and I’m not interested in running big doses or high side effect compounds.


Same boat as well.

It was a question.

Not sure what your question is, I take it english isn’t your native language. Please rephrase.

There aren’t really any absolutes. Plenty of dudes out there running around looking swole continuing to make progress in the gym with low T. There’s also plenty of guys out there making essentially no gains with high normal T


Apologies to my self and the forums. My bad dude. Was in hectic situation. At any rate my IGF-1 is 291 out of 307ng

You don’t have to apologize sir. I was just meaning I don’t understand the question or I would try to answer for you.

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IGF is what grows muscle, not test.
In past year i have done different tests on my clients and i noticed that i have 2 girls who have IGF in high two houndreds, close to 300. They progress twice as fast as i ever did or any of my male clients, for example. Their arms look jacked, their strenght goes up for months and months, etc. And no test.
My natural igf was 70. I blasted grams of test and tren and i didnt gain shit for years. With GH and MK i managed to get my IGF up to 150. Now i actually make slow progress but the speed of my progress is identical weather i take 250mgs or 1000mgs of test. I believe that it is because my IGF does not allow the test to be used at full potential. Those girls i mentioned, have better arms than most men at the gym and they dont even train arms. My belief is that IGF is what defines your potential. Low dose GH and MK doubles my IGF but its still low. Imagine them doubling their 300 igf with low dose GH? They probably have pro bodybuilder potential without steroids. Whenever i have seen someone having good progress that person always happens to also have a natty IGF of 200+. Test cant build much if IGF doesnt allow it. Test signals for growth and repair. iGF is what actually does it.

thx for clarification…well said

I have noticed the same, now that I think about it. My IGF-1 is usually really low, even on TRT, and the times I had used something to raise it to 300+ I had decent progress.

If just talking about bloodwork, I’d say high FT along with IGF-1. Of course tons of other factors go into what helps building muscle

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Was that OTC product to raise it or Rx and if so what

What? You lost me


Is Wednesday. And Saturday. Good for twice weekly pins? Is that evenly spread ?