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In Stasis Now, Want to Transition to B&C. Recover First?

I just finished a 10 week cycle where I began low test, high tren. Lost a great deal of fat, then for the last 4 weeks I swapped to high test low tren. Didn’t grow like I want; androgens make me unmotivated and not hungry. Will never use tren again.

I am currently in week 2 of my stasis at 50mg/week test p + 50mg mast P per week, per Prisoner’s protocol (im using prop because it’s what I have on hand). I would like to transition into B&C for about a year and a half doing 6:6 week Blast:Cruise.

I did not run hCG this cycle. Therefore, I feel it would be a good idea to recover as well as possible from this one before beginning B&C. Unless consensus is that this wouldn’t be very helpful anyway, and that I might as well just start B&C.

So as I see it, I have a few options:

  • Recover entirely first:
    • 200-250 IU hCG 3x/wk for the last two weeks of stasis, followed by SERM (20mg Nolva) for the first few weeks of taper. Then take a few weeks off everything entirely.
    • Same as above, except the hCG in the final weeks of stasis is 500-1000IU 2x/wk.
  • Just move into B&C after the stasis:
    • 200-250IU hCG 3x/wk for the final few weeks of stasis, continuing indefinitely though the B&C.
    • Same as above, except the hCG in the final weeks of stasis is 500-1000IU 2x/wk.

-If a SERM is warranted, how would I use it during the stasis period preceding B&C?
-Would I continue hCG with SERM while B&C?

I am leaning toward option 1a, because it allows me to get my balls back and restart my HPTA function before working against it again. However, if hCG+SERM during the stasis and through B&C is plenty to restore function and size, I would happily just move straight into B&C after stasis, with no taper portion.

The goal is to make it as easy as possible to have kids in the future when I come off. And blow huge loads in the meantime.

Which model seems most appropriate, and are there any modifications you would make?

IMO you don’t need HCG or a SERM while you’re cruising, since your objective is not getting the balls producing again. 6:6 seems short for blast + recovery, but with all fast acting compounds, might be beneficial?

True, on a cruise there is no need to get them totally functional again, but I would like the benefit of an easier recovery when I do decide to come off the B&C, so if it makes a difference I would like to run hCG all the way through and never stop.

Before I begin the B&C though, I would like to get them as plump and functional as possible…if there is a benefit to that.

You also bring up a good point. If I want to do a test/EQ blast for say 12-16 weeks, how many weeks of cruise would it typically take to get the rest of my levels (AST, ALT, lipids, SHBG, Hct, etc) back to normal before I do the next blast?

I cannot fathom why option #2 isn’t the obvious choice here. If you’re just going to cycle again soon then you’d be doing a full pct and then within a few months going right back to being shut down. Hard to justify that choice unless you’re still really young and don’t want to lock into anything too long term.

Also, option #2 is the best choice, but only because option #1 makes no sense. It is, on its own merits, not terribly good. If you’re going to bnc then just…start taking your preferred test ester now at the desired dose. There’s no reason to extend the stasis period. Start the test, add hcg if you’d like (I highly recommend but that’s a personal choice) and give yourself at least a solid two months of a low cruise dose before you start blasting again. That’s the option that caused the least volatility in your hormones and thus offers the fewest short term side effects.

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Excellent input as always, Iron. Since you mentioned age, I am 23, and plan to have children in my late 20s/early 30s.
I assume that since I will be locked in for the long term, it would make the most sense to use hCG at a lower, more frequent dose (like option 2a, except ill be starting hCG ASAP)? AKA No need for a few weeks of larger doses of hCG to “kickstart” before going into a permanent low-dose, 3x/wk protocol?

I see my younger self in you.

I did the exact same as you and I would say start the hCG now while your test dose is low to get the testes back online and continue the hCG until you come off your B&C.

My actual honest opinion? If you don’t plan to compete, dont B&C. Its not worth complications later on when you want to have kids. If you can recover after every cycle, do so (using bloods of course).
The test taper/stasis method was the best PCT for me.

Have your kids, then B&C or TRT.