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In sickness and in health

I was wondering if someone had any tips
on getting well after you’ve been ill.
And how to do it fast? Also if anyone knows
how to stop an illness when your feeling the first symptons.

For example, I have heard that sucking on C-vitamin pills and gurgling water, when feeling
a cold coming could perhaps prevent it from coming.

Any one know some witchcraft health tips?

There is a post on the off-topic forum about this, I believe it involves baking soda. The RDA for vitamin C does help the immune system to some degree, but too much actually decreases immune function.

I hope you didn’t mean literally sucking on Vitamin C pills. I’m pretty sure that isn’t good for your teeth. If anything, get some zinc lozenges. Those you can suck on, swallow the vitamin C.

Yep, check the off-topic forum: “Cure for the Common Cold?”

1tbs of baking soda with warm water morning and evening and boom 3 days your cold is gone.

Zinc lawsingis (spell check) are the thing to use

I have a terrible flu right now, what can I do to speed up recovery?

Vaine, if you haven’t gone to your doc within a day or two on the onset of symptoms, no prescription med is gonna help you. Just try to rest up and drink plenty of fluids. It should run its course.

And just an aside here, but I think most people who say they have “the flu” usually just have an upper respiratory tract infection. Vaine, not mentioning you specifically, just making a general comment. People who’ve had influenza know the difference. The flu feels like death warmed over. The two times I’ve had it in my life, I laid in bed for 3 days or so each time. I ached all over and couldn’t get comfortable to save my life because my head hurt so bad. I had chills constantly and ran a high fever. THAT is the flu. People who go to work and tell you they have the flu don’t have it. If you can function halfway normally, you don’t have the flu. True influenza is serious and potentially dangerous. Believe it or not, it kills more people in this country per year than does the complications of HIV/AIDS.

Sorry for my rambling rant.

I like this stuff called “Super Immune Formula” made by Quantum. It’s a tincture that contains echinacea, purpurea root, Astragalus root, and a bunch of other stuff. I’ve used regular Echinacea before with success, but I like this stuff even better.

One time I was coming down with something right as I needed to travel out of town on a big job. The next day at work I was sipping on a water/Super Immune mix all day, and I never got sick! (And it would have been a disaster if I did).

If you like Echinacea-type products, look for the Quantum brand. It’s expensive (20 bucks) but worth it!!!

Doc T

That’s not rambling. Just getting the facts out. The story seems similar to people complaining about their “migraine” not realizing a person with a real migraine would pay a mint to trade headaches with these people.

As far as rambling, most of my posts are about one fourth of what I could post if I didn’t stop myself.

Nope, Iv’e been to do the doctor, and I have the Flu. OMG, I want to kill myself! It’s been 5 days. All i’ve been doing is rest, and drinking.

garlic, garlic, garlic…as much as your stomache can stand


echinacea and goldenseal - buy a reputable brand