In-Season Workout Critique

My brother is just starting 2 a days after making above average progress this off season in the weight room. He is 6’3" 230 lb OL and shot putter/discus and I feel like if you’re on the right program you can still make gains in-season and was gonna make him up a workout. Here it is

It will either be a Saturday/Tuesday or a Sunday/Wednesday split
Day 1:
5/3/1 Bench
5/3/1 Power clean
Assistance work: CGBP and shrugs

Day 2:
5/3/1 Deadlift
5/3/1 Military or Incline BB
Assistance work: SLDL and pushups

Pretty basic but I need some help on the assistance reps and whether he should incline or military press.

No squats?
Assistance looks fine, perhaps dips instead of pushups?

He cant drive yet and I’ll be at college so he can’t get to our gym and our makeshift home gym only has a bench where you can incline/bench/decline, bands, pushup bars , and 20 lb bells…not too extravagant lol

Oh and a preacher curl/leg extension/leg curl thing…but I don’t want him doing that

[quote]chobbs wrote:
Oh and a preacher curl/leg extension/leg curl thing…but I don’t want him doing that[/quote]

Chobbs, where are you located in Indiana? I live in Evansville, it is the southwestern part.

Right in between Wabash and Marion

I know u said he has no access to a squat rack, but if that was me I would just clean and then front squat. Lighter squatting is better than no squatting.

For what it’s worth, I play collegiate rugby, and my im season split is this :

ab work

db rows
curls/tricep pushdowns

The basic structure being:
Lower body
Limited assistance

As long as u stick with thay structure, you will be fine

teach him to stienborn squat.

I would have no idea where to even start…but it looks cool

With that routine his shoulder girdle is going to be messed up beyond belief. I understand that shotputters need to have a lot pushing strength, but if that isn’t balanced out in any way, he wont be able to do it any more because of shoulder problems.

Day 1
Power Clean
Squat Variation (probably front squats)
Bench variation (Regular, CGBP, with bands/chains, etc.)
Row (with your equipment probably BB Row or even inverted rows)

Day 2
Push Press
Sternum pullups

Then at the end of each day have prehab work, namely subscap internal rotations, facepulls, and perhaps pushups/scap pushups. This should keep his shoulder girdle healthy for the his events while still gaining some considerable strength and power.