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In-Season Westside Lifting

Just wondering if anyone has used the westside method with an in-season college team. I’ve got basketball starting up in a couple of weeks and was thinking about splitting the 2 workouts up like this (assume 2-4 days off between workouts)…

Day 1

Max Squat (up to 3RM)
Dynamic Bench

Day 2

Max Bench (up to 3 RM)
Dynamic Squat

I’ve also played around with the idea of just putting both max’s lifts on the same day and both dynamic lifts on the other.

Any feedback?

I wouldn’t know myself, but you should check out Joe Defranco’s stuff as he trains a lot of Athletes. Also check out the Q&A at EliteFTS, they have 3 or 4 high level collegiate coaches that answer questions.

Good luck!

Check out Jim Wendler’s articles on the elitefts site. One of his older articles discussed how he did a WSB program while playing football.