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In-Season Training


I've been doing ws4sb for a while now but with footy season starting only have time for 2 workouts. I can't lift the day after the game. I was thinking doing the lower ME on Monday and a combine ME/RE upper day tuesday giving me time to recover for game on saturday. But i was wondering if only training upper and lower once a week during the season would lead to a loss of size.
any help would be appreciated.


I would go Monday and Wednesday to seperate the CNS-intensive days, but that's up to you. Personally for in-season I prefer total body days, that way if I have to drop a workout (nagging injuries, time, etc) I probably won't have to miss an entire half of my body for the whole week.

A total body ME day might be:

1.) Flat Bench
Work up to a circa-3RM
2.) 3-Board Press
4-5 x 4-5
3.) Trap-Bar Deads
Work up to a circa-3RM
4.) RDL's
4-5 x 4-5

A total body RE day might be:

1.) Dumbell Floor Press
3-4 x 6-8
2.) Dumbell Bench
2-3 x 8-12
3.) Cable Rows
2-3 x 8-12
4.) Step-Ups
2-3 x 8-12
5.) GHR's
4-5 x 4-5


you could go with one day as a general bodybuilding/recovery day and the other one as a strength whole body.
Or go with one lower and one upper day throughout the week it's up to you. The Most important thing while in season is muscle and strength, so work on what you need to.


What about a push day/pull day or something similar. Two full body workouts.

Day 1:
Unilateral Leg Exercise
Military Press

Day 2:
BO Barbell Row
Glute-Ham Raises

You can go heavy or light depending on what you require. You can cycle intensity/volume/exercises any way you want and you only need two days a week.