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In Season Training


Hey guys I have a question. I'm a collegiate baseball player and during the season it gets really hard to work out. It can be done but with the traveling and games it's not easy. Now all fall we lift hard and our strength coach has been doing a great job. We even have strongman day. My question is how much strength gains do you lose if basically don't get to lift for 3-4 months? During the season I'm eating anything and everything just to keep my bodyweight. My body comp and recovery after the season have gotten better every year, especially with all I've learned from this site. It just seems like when I start lifting again in the summer after the season I'm working back up to the numbers I was putting up in the fall (which really aren't that impressive in the first place). I know the solution to this problem is just to lift throughout the season. I'm going to make a better effort at it this year because I feel like when I'm lifting I recover better after a start. I guess I'm really just asking your opinions on how much this 3-4 month break holds back progress?


All you need are two workouts per week. You can do a similar workout to what Joe DeFranco recommends for his in-season football players.

The first session is a day after a game and is more of a "lighter" full-body workout (2-3 sets of 8-12 reps) and the second session is heavier to focus on keeping your strength gains (2-3 sets of 4-6 reps). The workouts should take less than 45 minutes. Choose one exercise per bodypart and go to his site for the workout he prescribed.


I agree. I play rugby and this type of split has worked well in the past.