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In-Season Training: Krypteia or 5/3/1 for Athletes?

I’ve ran the Krypteia and I enjoyed it. I’ve now hit my in season for rugby so I’m dropping to two days per week.
Should I run a two day krypteia or 5/3/1 for athletes?
The two day krypteia would only have me doing a main lift each session so a cycle would last six weeks compared to a four week cycle on the athlete template.
Thoughts on what people think would be better?

I believe it was recommended to drop the squat day for in season training. So a bench day and a deadlift day (I’ve seen trap bar deadlift recommended here as well)

Yeah, cut squat and only bench/trap bar deadlift. It’ll be enough for inseason. Also, look up his videos on YouTube about coaching. Lots of good tidbits in there.