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In-Season Strength

A lot of coaches say you should do max effort low body movements in season, so basically as a teen wanting to go pro, you never have time to really develop your strength cuz as a basketball player you play all season and all summer every day all day. there is no off season…

So does that mean no heavy work ?
read coach X comments on EFS, he is saying you should only lift for upper body and do some speed work on a box, the rest is like lunges with a weight vest…

What do you think about the weights in season controversy

Look at the college football guys, they clean like 600 pounds at 19-20 years of age, how can you lift like that when u have 2-3 month a year of low body strength work.

This is an interesting topic. However, use the edit button to clean up your post, I think you have some critical type-o’s that are making your questions contradictory. Not trying to be a dick, just want to make sure what you are asking before responding.

I don’t know about limiting heavy work, but I would limit the lifting in season to 2 days a week of your major multi-jointed lifts (squats, cleans, bench).

For basketball players yes, they play all-year round anymore, but their main season runs from Nov-March. The main off-season strength work should be done during June-Oct.

No college football player can clean 600 lbs.

LOL!! I was gonna say that was a little off.

lol u know what i mean.