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In-Season Strength Training


What's up T-Nation.
Football season has just recently started and I was hoping for some advice as to what I should be doing inseason to maintain my strength.
I'm 17, 180lbs and 5'11. I play safety and wide receiver.
Most recently I have followed the WSFSB2 and T-dawg2.0. As for inseason, CT has suggested that his athletes use 2-4 weekly sessions of 2-3 exercises per session (1 whole body lift, 1 upper, 1 lower). He also suggests 3-5 sets of 3-5 reps.
For the past two weeks I have done the following:
Monday - Power Clean 5sets/3
Bench Press 5sets/3
Split Squats 5sets/3
Wed. - Squat 4sets/4
Chin-ups 4sets/5
Push Press 4sets/4
Friday - Deadlift 3sets/5
Bent over Barbell Row 3sets/5
Goodmorning 3sets/5
How does that look?
Now for the questions:
1. What is the best TIME to workout? Right after practice or later in the day? Should I workout on days off?
2. What loads should I use. Is it best to warm up and build up to my rep maximums for each lift every session? Should I try to be increasing my stength numbers? or simply maintain what Ive been doing before.
3. How often should I be changing the exercise selection/rep schemes?
4. How should my diet now be different than if i were simply bulking?
Any advice you guys want to throw at me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


I trained for Aussie Rules Footy, which is more speed endurance based than the football you're playing, but this is what I found worked.

Lift either on off days or before training, but make sure there is plenty of rest time between a lifting session and training.

Go submaximal loads. Don't work to failure and work within yourself so that you are still fresh, i.e. no DOMS. Best way is do eg; one rep with 2RM so that you tax your muscle to get stronger but not to the point of interferring with sport.

Remember that as the season goes on that you may have to settle for maintenance strength/size. Early in the season gains can be made but depending on how well you recover through the season will dictate when you have to accept little to no progress.

Everything else is pretty much as normal. This isn't a bulking phase, and you should be too active to pack on serious mass. With the extra activity you should lean out a bit so the eating goal is to maximise performance and maintain lean mass.

I was able to gain strength untill about halfway into the season then hit maintenance once injuries and recovery started hampering me. I actually gained weight (around 10lbs) but also leaned up a bit, though I really ate whatever I could, as running everyday, 3-4 weight sessions, two training session, and a game will chew through calories.