In-Season Speed Training

So I’ve been on WS4SB off Season template for about 3 months now, and have been integrating exercises and workouts from the SPEED DVD with good results, but one thing the book never addressed was guidelines for in-season speed training. I was wondering if in-season speed training was overlooked (he has guidelines for in-season strength work on his website but not speed), or if he intentionally left it out. I’m wondering how I should go about implementing speed workouts into my practice and game schedule (rugby is my sport), once the season approaches in about a month.

My usual rugby schedule for in-season:

Monday: Hard conditioning
Tuesday: Heavy contact practice (this is when we do things like scrimmaging, rucking and tackling drills)
Wednesday: Light conditioning or off depending on if we’re early or late in season, coach might remove this conditioning day closer to playoffs to give players more recovery
Thursday: Practice, Skill focused (backs usually work on plays, forwards usually work on lineouts and scrums this day)
Friday: Walkthroughs
Saturday: Game Day
Sunday: off