In-season Rugby Training

My spring rugby season is starting up soon and I’m wondering how to best transition into the season. I’m shortly coming off the beach body challenge template and have really enjoyed that. What would you recommend, as far as templates go, for training in-season? Rugby practice is 3 times weekly now, going to 2 with games most Saturdays in the next month or so.

I’m just approaching the end of our rugby season in the Uk so here’s my advice. Train twice a week in the gym, for me it was Monday and Wednesday. Squat & bench one day deadlifts and press the other. I like to throw an all out set of first set last in if I was feeling ok. Assistance was bare bones…Rdl and chins one day, abs and rows on the other. I kept it simple as I work shifts so have to maximise my recovery. Check out the article 5/3/1 for athletes its on here.