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In-Season Rugby & Rowing Training

[quote]11kamita wrote:
It’s always fun putting props where they shouldn’t be if the tram your against isn’t up to par.

Haha Hell ya! I play tight too and when we’re up a bit me and the loose sometimes forcefully insert into the backs. We don’t make it far, although I have scored on them before, but the real point is to smash some tiny back!! We call it “Diesel” and the coaches hate it…

As far as training in vs off season, I find I can really only maintain my strength and almost always lose some mass in season but pack it back on plus more in the off season. We also practice every day except sunday, so I never really got any rest.

haha yea messing with the backs is allways fun I was put a wing for a bit of fun and nearly broke theres. If you wait of rucks then you can nail the scrumhalf or the reciver when the ball comes out.

Funnyest thing ever was the first kick of the game our center took the kick hit it really high me and a second row ran streight at the midget scrumhalf waiting to catch it. as soon as he caught the ball i hit him high he hit him low at the same time he flew back a few meters and was injured in the first 5 seconds of the game.

but what I need to know is should i cut or keep gaining for the next month?

I don’t play other sports at the same time so I don’t know if you would want to do it different because you’re a rower, but if it was me, I’d keep gaining up until the week before the first game. It only takes me about 2 weeks to get into pretty good rugby shape, I maintain decent conditioning off season, so I might be draggin ass near the end of the first game but by the third game I’m fuckin solid.

Also as far as your rowing coach, if he’s a decent guy he’ll understand your personal goals are not exactly the same as what he feels is good for the team. I would doubt he would have a problem with you wanting to get bigger and stronger everywhere as opposed to row specific muscles. Just try talking to him about this. I played 3 sports in high school and my coaches were always good about working with me as I trained for other sports at the same time, as long as you work hard and don’t use it as an excuse to slack off.

Kamita, I would say try to put as much muscle on as you can before the season. Doing both rowing and rugby is sure to take any excess fat off you during the season.

[quote]11kamita wrote:
Yea tight head prop fucking rules. [/quote]


As far as to cut or not to cut… Im 21, about 5’10 and around 115kg. Not sure what my body fat is but probably over 20%. Cutting isn’t needed for a decent front rower. I may be fat but i can still move my bulk around the park for 80 mins with a fair amount of speed. The training throughout your season will increase you cardio endurance alot. Yes this will be more effective with a lower body fat but a props job is to scrummage. Everything else is secondary. Now I’m not sure of your technical abilities but generally being a little bit heavy is best as long as you can move yourself around the park effectively.

Yea that’s what I’ve been thinking but I used to have a very high bodyfat and lost alot of fat and no I’m paranoid of putting to much back on. And I’ve bulked since Christmas and gained 2 stone so I’m not afraid of eating to get gain but I’m starting to feel a bit fat to be honest. I’m not fat but I can feel that I have a little bit to much than I’m comfortable with

I’ve been trying to bench 225 since Easter now and it’s been a plateau I just couldn’t get through so I did some weighted dips changed my chest workouts up and tryed for 225 for one rep as pushed out 3. Which i’m so happy about I wasn’t expecting 1 let alone 3. I know 225 isn’t allot but for a 16 year old I think it quite good

[quote]sherro wrote:
Surely the phrase “Rugby League Genius” is an oxymoron.[/quote]

Touche, very clever. But let’s be honest, if there is such a thing it’s Billy the Kid.

[quote]11kamita wrote:
First your a back and your on T-Nation go eat some more and start playing with th big boys ; )[/quote]

Haha, you come back when you can bench at least my bodyweight!

Yea but I’m 16 playing under 18 rugby at school so as far as my year goes I am on of the big boys. I bet my girlfreind that u couldn’t bench that at 16 and u weight less that 100kg. I know it’s not a impressive bench but I’m 16, and there’s no one I know that can do 100 at 16 drug free. I know there are lots of people that can but not that I have met.

You’ve got to understand that what u can do may be a acomplishment for some 1 else when I’ve been training 3 years and can only bench 100 then maybe u can have a go but after half a year of extreme fat loss and half a year of stength and mass training it’s bad.

I was only yanking your chain, mate, relax! You set yourself up for that one :wink:

Keep smashing the weights and dominate in the scrum. I hope you are squatting and deadlifting some big numbers too. Don’t forget your neck exercises, that one where you do a plank but use your forehead is a good one.

AH don’t I feel stupid.

Don’t worry about the weightroom strength too much mate - in Britain 100k bench is pretty good really, you’ve got to remember that on here we’re interacting with a very different physical culture. In the states most guys lift in high school, over here it’s far less common (I never really started lifting until I was about 18 but was still strong enough to play senior rugby as soon as I was allowed to at 17).

As for the bodyfat, as long as you can get round the park and don’t have issues with general health you can carry a bit more than other positions, although I don’t recommend getting to the levels I was at at your age (probably 25%+ - 17stone at 14). Most professional Front row players are still gonna be over 12-15%, remember Andy Sheridan is an exception, while the Adam Jones type is still the rule. Just hope you don’t have a late growth spurt - if you get much over 6 foot it can be really awkward to stay the right shape for the front row - happened to me, some guys can get away with being 6’3" front rowers, others can’t.

yea im having the same problem but just for rugby, will be playing for mens team on saturdays and training tues/thurs while training monday and playing wednesday for school and trying to fit the gym in is going to be killer, will lose a bit of weight though hopefully as I piled it on during injury last season good amount of that is muscle though

[quote]11kamita wrote:
AH don’t I feel stupid. [/quote]

I hear that a lot from props. But apparently when the day of reckoning comes, all backs will be sent to hell and props will rule the earth. So don’t let it bother you.

[quote]DragnCarry wrote:
11kamita wrote:
AH don’t I feel stupid.

I hear that a lot from props. But apparently when the day of reckoning comes, all backs will be sent to hell and props will rule the earth. So don’t let it bother you.[/quote]

Haha yet i’m doing chemistry, biology, geography and sport science for a levels. How am I going to manage.

And as for my strength as long as I keep reaching my goals then in happy next 1 100 for 5.

[quote]DragnCarry wrote:
I hear that a lot from props. But apparently when the day of reckoning comes, all backs will be sent to hell and props will rule the earth. So don’t let it bother you.[/quote]

God created beer to prevent props from ruling the Earth.

True Story.

Haha too true that tv and sofas